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Company Profile

Chris Ireland

I started DDI - Direct Digital Imaging 7 years ago to continue my association with the Phase One products I had specialised in for previously 7 years. Giving a total of 14 years experience in Phase One and over 30 years in the photographic industry. The companies I had worked for in those earlier 7 years had had their ups and downs and differences of opinion as how to service the clients with these products.

However the way I have worked from the beginning with Phase One was the same as my entire career, this being the importance of return business. This can only be achieved by offering a high level of service, support & training to my clients. As this was being compromised I decided to go on my own and have never looked back.

The Products that Phase One produces are second to none. So I strive to offer the same in service and support, training and workshops to all my cleints

I believe my company to be unique in its way of working in to day’s market of Professional Photography.

My business model is based on a one to one relationship with the client, as I go to the client, not the client coming to me, as this is the best way for any Photographer to get a grip on what a Photographic product of this type can offer there business is to try it, so my office is literary in the field, studio or location with the Photographer. I travel all over the British Isles to see my customers. This in turn allowes me to more understand my clients needs and how best to support them.


“I have always bought my Phase One kit from Chris Ireland at Direct Digital Imaging, his knowledge on both the hardware and software is second to none and his advice has been invaluable over the past 12 years of using Phase One”.- Kenny Martin, March 22, 2010


“I’ve been using Chris as my principle supplier & advisor re. Phase One & related equipment for about a year now, after a frustrating 12 years using the usual larger suppliers. During this year Chris has probably saved me about £10,000, both in good deals & helping me avoid costly mistakes. Nothing beats his personal service. Oh, and he’s a nice guy too!” - John McKenzie, March 22, 2010


“have known and worked with Chris for over 7 years now, so I feel that I have enough experience to be able to give him a thoughtful recommendation. Technically, Chris is brilliant. He knows what he is talking about and his long experience and obsession with the photographic industry are evident in his contagious enthusiastic demeanour”.

“What also emerges as you get to know him, is that he is extremely creative and is a keen photographer. Add to that is his integrity and his invention of a new extreme sport - namely extreme customer satisfaction! Nothing is too much trouble. And then you come to the conclusion that he is an ideal guy to work with”.

“So if you need to know about digital photography and choice of kit, even if he does have a bias towards Phaseone equipment, at least you know that bias is based on knowledge and experience � my advice is to speak to him first!” - Derek Schultz ARPS, March 18, 2010

Latest Deals

Pre-owned P30+ V fit Call for
latest prices
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Pre-owned P30+ V fit

Phase One P30+ Pre-owned

In Exelent condition

30358 cap's

Phase One Inerest Free Finance Call for
latest prices
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Phase One Inerest Free Finance

Interest Free Finace on

  • IQ250 with 645 DF+ kit system
  • IQ260 with 645 DF+ kit system
  • IQ280 with 645 DF+ kit system

12 and 24 months

Available until April 30th 2015

Refurbished Phase One P45+ 39Mp back Call for
latest prices
Click to view

Refurbished Phase One P45+ 39Mp back

The Phase One P45+

We are selling off the last P45+ factory refurbished backs. Offer will not be repeated. Comes with full 1 year factory warranty.

  • 39 mega pixels the most all round Phase One P+ back.
  • Offering up to 1 Hour exposure


New Phase One A series Call for
latest prices
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New Phase One A series

Image quality like never before

Phase One & ALPA, A class of its own

  • IQ250
  • IQ260
  • IQ280
  • All items in kit with 5- years warranty



Phase One IQ2 five year warranty Call for
latest prices
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Phase One IQ2 five year warranty

  • All IQ2 Backs & systems now come with Free 5-year Warranty.
  • And much more
  • 5-year Warranty 645DF+ & 80mm lens
  • 5-year Warranty SK & SF lenses
  • 5-year Warranty V-Grip-Air
The New Phase One IQ150 Call for
latest prices
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The New Phase One IQ150

  • 50 megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • Amazing ISO Sensitivity (ISO 100 - 6400)
  • Extreme 14 f-stops dynamic range
  • 1.15 megapixel resolution 3.2” display with vibrant colors
  • Touch screen functionality with fluid and responsive live view

Latest Photography Reviews

Richard Osbourne Click to view

Richard Osbourne

Richard Osbourne gets the Phase One P45+ and now expllains why Medium Format is better the 35mm

Gareth Hacon and P65+DF 645 Click to view

Gareth Hacon and P65+DF 645

On location with Gareth Hacon Landscape photograper and the P65+ with DF 645 system.


Alex Telfer Upgrades to IQ 180 Click to view

Alex Telfer Upgrades to IQ 180

Alex Telfer has been a Phase One photographer for many years and has upgraded from P45 to P45+ to P65+ and now is a proud owner of an IQ 180.
See the tests Alex did with the IQ 180 prototype and his comments that convinced Alex to order his IQ 180

John Rawson Click to view

John Rawson

Award-Winning Hair & Beauty Photographer. John Rawson

  • 2 years ago I bought the P45+ which has had an amazing effect on my business
Phase One P45+ Peter Eastway Click to view

Phase One P45+ Peter Eastway

  • Ultimate Quality with
    Medium Format Digital
    Now that you can shoot 4x5” quality with a Phase One P45+ medium format digital back,
Acromatic Plus Portraits Click to view

Acromatic Plus Portraits

Chris Ireland Shooting Portraits of Elvis with the Acromatic +

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